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American Fyre Designs - Versailles Fire Bowl with Water Spout

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AFD - Versailles Fire Bowl with Water Spout

Bring the beauty of Versailles to your home with the stunning Versailles Fire Bowl with Water Spout from American Fyre Designs. Featuring a low bowl with ball feet and a water spout to combine running water with dancing flames (Plumbing must be locally supplied). This unique styling creates a strikingly bold focal piece for you poolside patio. Compatible with the Pedestals allowing for additional decorating options. The Versailles Fire Bowl comes in multiple finish options for a truly custom look. Instruction Manual

** Selecting propane may require Tank Table and Hose

Propane tank housed separately. Can be displayed atop Pedestal, which houses propane tank, sold separately.

Model Number: 745-xx-11-V2xc

Media not included: Requires fire pit media amount listed below. Secondary options such as volcanic stone / river stone / geo shapes / glass nuggets (purchased separately) may also be placed on top of the lava or glass media.

Versailles Fire Bowls with Water Spout & Ball Feet:

48″ Model Number: 741-xx-80-V6xc Dimensions: 48″ dia x 15″ h, 220 lbs.

-60 lbs Lava Granules OR 130 lbs Glass

40″ Model Number: 742-xx-80-V6xc Dimensions: 40″ dia x 14″ h, 170 lbs.

-40 lbs Lava Granules OR 90 lbs Glass

32″ Model Number: 743-xx-80-V6xc Dimensions: 32″ dia x 11¼” h, 104 lbs.

-30 lbs Lava Granules OR 60 lbs Glass

Propane tank housed separately.

Fire Bowl comes with stainless steel burner, hose and regulator.

All other items are sold separately.

Fire Bowl flame is adjustable for comfortable dining.

BTU ratings: 65,000 (NG), 60,000(LP)

15, 14, or 11.25 Inches
48, 40, or 32 Inches