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Patio Comfort - Ambiance Decorative Gas Patio Heaters- LP - Bronze

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Patio Comfort - Ambiance Decorative Gas Patio Heaters- LP - Bronze
Flame Display style patio heater

The control of fire by early man over 125,000 years ago was a turning point, allowing him to cook food, provide protection and obtain warmth and light. Fast forward to the 21st century, and we have captured and controlled flame and fire in our Ambiance Outdoor Fire Features, designed to provide residential and commercial environments with a beautiful and dynamic fire attraction. Today a controlled flame can be described as visually mesmerizing, hypnotic, seductive, alluring, and irresistible. These are all accurate descriptions of the flame and elegant visual effect produced by our Ambiance Outdoor Fire Features. Our contemporary design also incorporates the latest in safety features and high quality durable components that will allow you to control the visual aspects of the dynamic flame produced by your Ambiance fire feature. When family, friends and guests gather, Ambiance Outdoor Fire Features will be there to provide all the benefits of an adjustable, safe, and clean burning outdoor decorative gas product. The high quality components incorporated in your Ambiance unit are designed to bring you many years of outdoor entertaining enjoyment.

Overall Height: 92.5”

Weight: 71 Pounds

BTUInput: 42,000 BTU’s at 11.0 “ W.C.

Ambi Fire Glass Tube: Our “Ambi-Fire” 4” diameter commercial grade “Borosilicate” quartz glass tube and “Pyromid” ceramic burner is the true heart and soul of our fire feature and sets us apart. All Ambiance products use high heat resistant “Borosilicate” glass. Borosilicate glass and ceramic burners are known for having a very low co-efficient of thermal expansion and are resistant to thermal shock, discoloration, and structural fatigue. Borosilicate glass is used in demanding high temp commercial, industrial, and medical applications. Our “Ambi Fire” tube also allows for a higher percentage of light transmission. HID (High Intensity Discharge) lighting such as mercury vapor and metal halide lamps also use Borosilicate glass for maximum light transmission. The thermal insulation tiles on the Space Shuttle were made from Borosilicate glass!

Reflectors: One-piece anodized aluminum Three chrome plated steel reflectors are mounted on the interior of each top support piece for added reflection

Ignition: “Sure Start” continuous spark ignition (battery included)

Burner: “Pyromid” kiln fired ceramic burner with variable output and control

Emitter Grid: “Ambi–Glo” Series 430 stainless steel

Side Panels: Model PC14AB- Polyurethane powder coated galvanized steel (Antique Bronze) Model PC14SS Series 304 commercial grade stainless steel

Materials: Side Supports are extruded aluminum Protective grillwork is chrome plated 22L stainless steel

Base Dimension: Three-sided pyramid 22” x 22” x 22”

Fuel Type: Liquid Propane only. Regulated to 11” W.C.

Gas Supply: Maximum 20 Lb cylinder equipped with OPD (Overfill Protection Device). Cylinder is not included with unit, but available through your selling dealer. Safety Systems: 100% Safety Shut Off & Tip Over “Shut Off Switch” and protective grill-work around sides of unit

Connection: Approved LP hose, LP regulator, and connection to OPD cylinder (included), propane cylinder not included

Clearances: Minimum 36” clearances from combustibles on sides and minimum 24” clearances from combustibles on top Unit must be used outside only and must be placed on a level, non combustible surface

Securing Feature: A securing tab is mounted at the base of each support leg, fasteners not included

External Fasteners: Stainless steel

Certifications: ANSI Z83.26-2007/CSA 2.37-2007 Gas-Fired Outdoor Infrared Patio Heaters ANSI Z83.26a 2008/CSA 2.37a-2008 Gas Fired Outdoor Infrared Patio Heaters CSA Approved for the US and Canada

Warranty: One Year Limited-Residential 120 Day Commercial

Installation & Warnings: Installation must conform to your local codes and ordinances. If you have any questions as to your local regulations or possible restrictions to using propane fired outdoor appliances, you should check with your local fire, codes, or building safety officials. We will not accept any heaters for return that cannot be used due to your local building or safety standards. It is fully the responsibility of the purchaser to check their local codes and fire restrictions or ordinances prior to purchasing the product. These products are FOR OUTDOOR USE ONLY and are NOT for use in any enclosed spaces, tents, recreational vehicles, prefab enclosures, boats, or other moving objects. These units must be used on a flat, noncombustible surfaces with at least 36” clearances from the sides of the unit and 24” clearances from the top of the unit. These units are not to be modified in any way or converted to other fuel sources.