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Fire by Design AWEIS - Commercial Grade Mini

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Fire by Design AWEIS - Commercial Grade Mini
All Weather Electronic Ignition Systems (AWEIS) provide a layer safety and convenience to gas fire pits and fire pit tables. With an AWEIS system, lighting your fire pit is the flip of a switch, turn of the timer, or click of a remote. This new compact AWEIS reliably ignites and extinguishes your beautiful outdoor fire. This unit is encased in stainless steel and has been proven to be one of the most durable and most tested systems available. This AWEIS packs a lot of punch into a roughly 4" x 5" x 3" box!This unit comes complete with AWEIS box, pilot head, and 24vac transformer. When this system is turned on, the glow plug will ignite a small pilot flame and the main gas valve will open, the gas will turn on. The pilot will light your fire pit. All throughout this process this unit will sense if the flame is on or off. If the the flame is lost, the sensor will send a signal to re-ignite the pilot. If the fire pit fails to ignite after attempting to re-light, the gas supply will shut off. This safety feature makes sure your fire pit lights and stays lit.The Commercial Grade Mini AWEIS has a maximum gas output of 125k BTU per hour. This is perfect for small to medium outdoor gas fire pits or fire tables.
  • New “Dual Pilot Gas Technology” which prolongs life of Igniter considerably
  • Maximum Gas Output: 125K Btu/hr
  • Control Box Dimensions: 3 15/16” x 4 15/16” x 3 1/2” (W x L x H)
  • Standard Pilot Burner Configuration: (1) Pilot Burner
  • Inlet / Outlet Size: 3/8” / 1/2” FIP
  • Electrical Rating: 24vac
  • Flame / Heat Sense: Thermopile Ignition
  • Type: Silicon Nitride Hot Surface Ignition (Glow Plug)