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Fire Pit Tables
At So cal fire pits we specialize in natural gas and propane fire pit tables to create outdoor experiences close to home. We want our customers to enjoy time with friends and family, spend more time outside. Our propane and natural gas fire pit tables are available in almost any style and configuration. Fire pit tables are fueled with a portable propane tank or your home's natural gas source. Propane offers the benefit of portability. A propane fire pit table is not permanently hooked and fixed to the position of your natural gas line. This is a great option for those who love rearranging their outdoor space or need to move their table according to the seasons. Natural gas offers the advantage of a constant fuel source and ease of use. With natural gas outdoor fire pit tables, there are no tanks to refill, although you will have to plumb a fuel source from your home to the location of the fire pit. We at love wood burning fire pits but we also recognize that propane and natural gas burn clean, release less particulate matter associated with allergies, and does not smell. Propane and natural gas may be more appropriate for fire pit tables in compact or urban spaces. We are a leading retailer of premium brands such as COOKE, Outdoor Greatroom, and American Fyre Designs. We look forward to serving you with a premium fire pit table and impeccable service. Buy fire pit tables online from So-Cal Fire Pits today!

Fire Pit Tables

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  • AFD -  Contempo Round Firetable - Lounge Height

    AFD - Contempo Round Firetable - Lounge Height

    As low as $2,049.00

    Take in the beauty of the great outdoors, under the stars, in the comfort of your own backyard. Relax around the Lounge Height Contempo Round Firetable with your loved ones. The adjustable flame height makes it easy to control the mood of your gathering...

  • Cosmopolitan Square Dining Firetable AFD - Cosmopolitan Square Dining Firetable

    AFD - Cosmopolitan Square Dining Firetable

    As low as $4,554.00

    The Cosmopolitan Square Dining Firetable is a clean, contemporary design that will add character, entertainment and beauty to your outdoor living area. With it's simplistic design and multiple color options, it will be a great addition to your backyard...

  • Copper AFD - Fiesta Round Firetable - Chat Height

    AFD - Fiesta Round Firetable - Chat Height

    As low as $2,411.00

    Designed with a classic southwest flare, the Fiesta Fire Table will enhance any outdoor living space. From the intimate warmth it creates to the detailed table edge this fire table will warm you and your guests with a touch of class. Shown in Sedona...

  • Lotus Firetable Lotus Firetable

    AFD - Lotus Firetable - Chat Height

    As low as $3,663.00

    Add warmth and beauty to your patio with the Lotus Firetable from AFD. This cocktail fire pit table features a cylindrical base and dramatic circular polished concrete top. This size and shape of this table make it perfect for enjoying cocktails and...

  • Lotus Dining Firetable Lotus Dining Firetable

    AFD - Lotus Firetable - Dining Height

    As low as $4,077.00

    AFD firetables create the perfect ambiance for enjoying an outdoor meal or cocktail while also keeping you warm from the evening chill.Add warmth and beauty to your patio with the dining height Lotus Firetable from AFD. Featuring a cylindrical base and...

  • AFD - Nest Square Firetable - Chat Height

    AFD - Nest Square Firetable - Chat Height

    As low as $3,105.00

    The Nest Outdoor Firetable features a singular stainless steel cut-out perimeter that will add a modern accent your outdoor living area. This luxury outdoor fire pit table will welcome your guests for leisurely conversation and entertainment. ...