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Fire Pit Grates

Our Fire Pit Grates are ideal for your wood burning fire pit or fire place. Fire Pit Grates are perfect to hold your fire wood and kindling in place and keep a warm fire burning. Fire Pit Grates securely hold to wood allowing the fire to burn without losing logs and keep the fire contained to the fire pit. Our Fire Pit Grates come in several standard sizes and shapes.

Our round Fire Pit Grates are available in specific sizes from 24”-40”, where our rectangle Fire Pit Grates are available from 18”-48” with a standard width of 16”. Our Fire Grates are available in basic standard sizes however, we can make them in any custom size contact us and let us know if you need longer legs or a different size Fire Pit Grate. We have Fire Pit Grates made of several different materials to fit every budget. Our highest-quality outdoor fire pit grates are made of stainless steel to withstand the harshest ocean climate and come with a wire mesh to hold your small kindling when starting your fire and keep the coals contained after the fire is going.  Shop our Fire Pit Grates to keep your summer evenings nice and warm.

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  • Round Fire Pit Screen Round Fire Pit Screen

    Round Fire Pit Screen


    This is a very heavy duty 36" American-made fire screen for fire sensitive areas. In California, we experience the risk of wildfires all too much. This round fire pit screen will help keep your area safe by keeping a larger amount of embers under control...