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Fire Products

Natural Gas Fire Pits

We build and sell high-quality, American-made fire pit tables, using the best components..

We offer a wide variety of pre-designed complete fire pits for those of you who would love to get your fire pit up and running as quickly as possible. Look out for tables that do not use brass fittings, stainless steel pans and stainless steel hardware. Did you know that not all steel components are equal? Make sure you buy a product that uses 304 or 316 stainless. Other companies say they use stainless steel, but really use a low grade that will rust. They also use cheap steel gas fittings that rust, while we use high-quality brass valves and fittings. Remember, if it does not say 304 Stainless steel then it is something else- a regular steel that has a coating that will rust away quickly. When you want the best, buy Cooke products. Made in America, everything we sell has high-quality aluminum, brass and 304 Stainless steel components.

44 Item(s)

44 Item(s)