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Glass Wind Guards & Screens

Wind screens and guards provide protection for you and your fire pit table. Keeping a fire pit burning on a windy day can prove to be a challenge. That is why we offer several sizes of Glass Wind Screens. Glass Wind Screens keep the wind at bay an allow you to enjoy your fire feature even in windy ocean climates. Our Glass Wind Screens not only serve as a wind break reducing the wind effect and allowing the gorgeous flame to dance in the reflective glass but also a protective barrier to keep family and pets safe from the flame. The Glass Wind Screens are designed with quality and functionality. Our Glass Wind Screens are made from tempered glass with stainless steel hardware and designed to last. They are so easy to set up with rubber base stops and quality hardware, that in about thirty minutes, you will have a stunning fire pit screen to keep your fire feature safe. When you need to clean your Glass Wind Screen Just lift to remove your Glass Wind Screen allowing you to clean the glass with ease and tend to your fire feature. We have Glass Wind Screens available in several different sizes and shapes to seamlessly fit your fire pit. Shop our full selection of Glass Wind Screens to add style and function to your fire pit.

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