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When designing your outdoor patio don’t forget to include the perfect Grill. Your ideal Grill will depend on your outdoor space. That is why we offer a full selection of luxury gas grills that are sure to fit your patio needs. We offer high-end accessories, including grill lights, infrared burner systems and many other extras to complete your custom outdoor kitchen. Our built-in luxury gas grills range in size from 24”-36” and are available with an optional rotisserie system. We also offer built in side burners. Place a side burner next to your built in Grill to add extra cooking space in your outdoor kitchen. We offer Grill lights, infared burner systems and many other extras to complete your custom outdoor kitchen. If you are looking for a more conventional Grill that is not built in to your patio we have those as well. We offer compact permanent Grills that are cemented into your patio area and perfect for apartment or condo living. If you are looking for a larger standalone portable Grill we have a selection of those as well. Our Standalone Grills range in size from 24”-36” with an optional rotisserie system. All of our Grills are made of high quality materials and most built in models are available in propane or natural gas options. Shop our full selection of high-end grills & accessories to find the one that suits your patio perfectly.


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  • COOKE Montecito 120" Long BBQ Island with Custom Table Top Alfresco 36" Grill

    COOKE Montecito 120" BBQ Island -Stone Top

    As low as $26,500.00

    The COOKE Montecito 120" BBQ island is our most popular outdoor cooking station. We include all the appliances making it easy for you to choose the look and layout of this deluxe BBQ island. This BBQ island features stainless steel leveling feet, powder...

  • COOKE Deep Dish Fire Pit Cooking Kit COOKE Deep Dish Fire Pit Cooking Kit

    COOKE Deep Dish Fire Pit Cooking Kit


    The new 2019 cooking kit is better than ever. The cast iron cook-it-all can be used as a wok, griddle, grill, pizza oven, or dutch oven. We love the slightly taller sides which makes cooking on your fire pit easy, fun, and under control. Easily stir...

  • Alfresco AWS Windguard AWS Specifications Sheet

    Alfresco - Wind Guard for AXLE Grills

    As low as $324.00

    Alfresco AWS wind guards for ALXE grills provide a solid back drop and wind barrier for your Alfresco ALXE grill. Constructed from stainless steel, these durable windscreens install behind the lid of your grill. This improves the flame of your grill and...

  • Alfresco Indirect Roasting Pod Alfresco Indirect Roasting Pod Spec Sheet

    Alfresco - Indirect Cooking Pod


    For slow roasting and indirect roastingHolds drip pan for easy clean up and bastingHigh quality stainless steel constructionAIC-POD Creates additional air gap between food and heat for slow roasting and conveniently holds drip pan for easy clean-up and...

  • Alfresco Solid Fuel Insert

    Alfresco Solid Fuel Insert


    Transform your Alfresco grill into a wood-source cooking system. Simply drop the custom designed insert into the grill, and fill with your favorite wood or other solid fuel for authentic wood-grilled flavor. Constructed from durable corrosion resistant...

  • Alfresco AIJ Insulating Jacket for Any ALXE Grill Alfresco - Insulating Jackets for ALXE Grill

    Alfresco - Insulating Jackets for ALXE Grill

    As low as $599.00

    If your grill enclosure is to be built of combustible materials, like wood or fiberboard, then an insulated jacket is required for safe installation of your grill. These Alfresco stainless steel insulating jackets are available in 4 sizes to match the...

  • Alfresco 30 ALXE Grill - 30" Built-In Grill Newly Designed Controls

    Alfresco 30 ALXE Grill - 30" Built-In Grill

    As low as $4,029.00

    The key to perfectly grilled food is instant caramelization, which seals in juices for tender, moist, and flavorful food. The ALXE Grill has been engineered to deliver the intense, even heat needed to achieve perfect results, with the control and...

  • Fire Magic Custom L-Shaped BBQ Island French Barrel Oak E660i Echelon Grill

    Fire Magic - Custom L-Shaped BBQ Island

    As low as $9,736.00

    New for 2017, the L-Shaped BBQ Island from Fire Magic offers more cooking possibilities than ever. Featuring a customizable top-of-the-line E660 Echelon Diamond grill, every ambitious cook should be envious. Easily controlled heat, diamond sear cooking...

  • Fire Magic - Counter Balance

    Fire Magic - Counter Balance


    Use the Fire Magic Rotisserie Counter Balance to balance your spit rod, reduce stress on your rotisserie motor, and provide for smoother operation while roasting your favorite meats.-This unique tool allows rotisserie cooking of unbalanced pieces of meat...

  • Cooking Grid Lifter Cooking Grid Lifter

    Fire Magic - Cooking Grid Lifter


    Don't risk burning your hands, this Cooking Grid Lifter is specially designed to lift your Fire Magic cooking grids. Made of stainless steel for long lasting use. This Stainless Steel Accessory for Fire Magic Grills will keep your hands clean, ensure a...

  • Stainless Steel Griddle

    Fire Magic - Stainless Steel Griddle

    As low as $380.00

    Enhance your grilling Versatility with the new Fire Magic Stainless Steel Griddle. This unique grilling accessory heats up fast and evenly allowing you to cook all your meals in your outdoor kitchen.Features Highlights:All 304, heavy gauge stainless...

  • AOG Griddle

    AOG - Stainless Steel Griddle


    The AOG Stainless Steel Griddle fits AOG Grills for a exciting new way to enjoy your grill! Cook eggs, bacon, fluffy pancakes, or even fajitas. With the AOG Stainless Steel Griddle the possibilities for your grilling adventure are endless! Stainless...