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Fire Products

Fire Products

We have a wide variety of pre-designed, high-quality natural gas and propane fire pits to enhance your outdoor living space. Did you know that not all steel components are equal? Look for tables that use stainless steel, powder-coated aluminum, and quality components. Remember, if it does not say 304 stainless steel then it is something else. When you want the best, buy Cooke products. All of our propane & natural gas fire tables, bowls, & pits are proudly made in America.

Choose from our extensive selection of outdoor natural gas fire pit tables, natural gas fire bowls, and even whole outdoor wall installations. So-Cal Fire Pits carries a wide variety of both natural gas and propane fire pits for sale. We offer an almost endless selection of sizes, colors, and configurations allowing you to easily find and compare items. For questions on outdoor propane or natural gas fire pits please contact us.

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  • HPC Sport Pit HPC portable camping propane fire pit

    Hearth Products Controls Sport Pit


    Great for your tailgate gathering, moveable event, camping, and safe backyard fun with the family. The new Hearth Products Controls Sport Pit takes portable fire pits and safety to new heights. With the Sport Pit a nice campfire can be set up anywhere...

  • Gozney Dome-Mantel Gozney Dome-Mantel

    Gozney Dome-Mantel


    Turn, check, baste, or rest your food with ease using the Dome Mantel. Whether you’re cooking Neapolitan pizza, roasting vegetables or smoking meat, the Dome Mantel makes moving food in or out of the oven simple. Safely rotate pans, check your...

  • Gozney Dome-Placement Peel

    Gozney Dome-Placement Peel


    Designed for use in a variety of oven sizes, the Gozney Placement Peel is a professional-grade, lightweight peel for the placement of dough and cooking trays in and out of your pizza oven.Made from aluminum with a hard anodized finish, this peel is...

  • Gozney Dome-Turning Peel

    Gozney Dome-Turning Peel


    Designed for use in a variety of oven sizes, the Gozney Turning Peel is perfect for repositioning food in your Dome. After using the Gozney Pizza Peel to place fresh pizza inside your oven, the Gozney Turning Peel makes sliding and turning pizza...

  • Gozney Dome-Stand Cover Gozney Dome-Stand Cover

    Gozney Dome-Stand Cover


    Description Rain, snow, wind, sleet, hail, sunlight, anything. Protect your oven + stand all year round, with the 100% weather-proof full length Dome Cover. Heavy-duty fabric covers the full length of the Dome and stand. Gusset...

  • Gozney Dome-Stand Gozney Dome-Stand

    Gozney Dome-Stand


    The Dome Stand is simple to assemble, built to last and easy to maneuver making it easy to add your Dome to any backyard setup. The Dome is a perfect fit for a standard outdoor kitchen countertop. For a more flexible free-standing setup, the Dome Stand...

  • Gozney Dome- Steam Injector Gozney Dome- Steam Injector

    Gozney Dome-Steam Injector


    Description Create more moisture in the oven when baking bread for longer rising dough and even crispier crusts. A black anodized aluminum funnel with a cork top, engineered with precision to inject just the right amount of water into the...

  • Gozney Dome-Wood Rack Gozney Dome-Wood Rack

    Gozney Dome-Wood Rack


    Elevate your wood fire up above the Dome oven floor. This wood rack allows air from the ashtray vent to explore every angle of your fire and produces an even flame across the oven to improve performance when cooking with wood. Minimizes debris from the...

  • Gozney Dome-Wood Loader  Gozney Dome-Wood Loader

    Gozney Dome-Wood Loader


    Fire up your Dome with ease using the Gozney Wood Loader. Specifically designed to make placing and handling wood in your oven simple and hassle free. The stainless steel cup is the perfect size for Gozney Wood, allowing you to easily load wood anywhere...

  • Gozney Dome-Dough Cutter Gozney Dome-Dough Cutter

    Gozney Dome-Dough Cutter


    The wooden handle, the tapered blade (6 1/2 “) and satisfying weightiness to this Gozney Dough Cutter make it the perfect tool to cut, shape and divide your dough into exact portion sizes. What's in the box?   Dough Cutter One...

  • Gozney Dome-Pizza Server Gozney Dome-Pizza Server

    Gozney Dome-Pizza Server


    The perfect pizza demands the perfect board, hand craft, durable and hardwearing, the Gozney Pizza Server is not only gorgeous, it's easy to clean. 14” of pizza serving perfection. What's in the box?   Pizza Server One page...

  • Gozney Dome-Pizza Rocker

    Gozney Dome-Pizza Rocker


    Easy to hold and use, and boasting a thick stainless steel blade this Pizza Rocker is a fearsome beast, helping you to cut up and portion your pizza with precision. Has a smooth rolling action so toppings stay perfectly in place. What's in the...

  • Gozney Dome Temperature Gun 850 F Side 2 Gozney Dome Temperature Gun Side 1

    Gozney Dome-Infrared Thermometer


    Know exactly when your pizza oven’s thick stone floor is ready to cook a perfect pizza, with the Gozney Infrared Thermometer. Wireless, precise and efficient you’ll never be left guessing when the perfect cooking temperature has been reached...

  • Gozney Dome- Colour Bone Gozney Dome- Colour Bone

    Gozney Dome-Dual Fuel


    Make wood-fired cooking easy with the Dome, the world’s most versatile outdoor oven.Enjoy a professional grade outdoor oven engineered to work effortlessly for beginners and exceptionally for chefs. Unrivalled performance. Unlimited possibilities...