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Fire Pit Covers

It is important to protect your fire pit or fire table when you’re not using it. Our outdoor fire pit covers allow you to keep your fire pit in perfect condition and free of debris. Covering your fire pit with our outdoor fire pit covers keeps your fire pit in working condition, allowing you to uncover your fire pit and use it without having to clean out debris that could cause your fire pit to function incorrectly. We have a full line of Fire Pit Covers to fit almost every fire pit. We also offer glass fire pit table top covers. Our glass fire pit table top covers are ideal to turn your fire pit into a functional table. Allowing you to use the full surface area of your fire pit without damaging your fire pit burner. If you are looking for a functional way to store your extra propane tanks, take a look at our end tables. They are the perfect size to store your extra propane tanks. Keeping them out of sight and in perfect working order. Our fabric Fire Pit Covers are made of either sea spray marine grade fabric or a high quality vinyl. Both fabrics are ideal protection for your outdoor fire pit and will withstand several years of weather and wear. Shop our Fire Pit Covers to protect your fire pit investment.

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