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Fire Products

Natural Gas or Propane Fire Pits

We sell high-quality firepits to match and enhance your outdoor living space. 

We have a wide variety of pre-designed complete propane and natural gas fire pits for sale for those of you who would love to get your fire pit up and running as quickly as possible. Did you know that not all steel components are equal? Look for tables that use stainless steel, powder-coated aluminum, and quality components. Remember, if it does not say 304 stainless steel then it is something else. When you want the best, buy Cooke products. All of our propane & natural gas fire tables, bowls, & pits are proudly made in America.

Choose from our extensive selection of outdoor natural gas fire pit tables, natural gas fire bowls, and even whole outdoor wall installations. So-Cal Firepits carries a wide variety of both natural gas and propane fire pits for sale. We offer an almost endless selection of sizes, colors, and configurations allowing you to easily find and compare items. For questions on outdoor propane or natural gas fire pits please contact us.



8 Item(s)

8 Item(s)