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Q. Is glass included with fire pit tables?

A. YES, Our custom bronze reflective mix comes with our fire pit tables. If you want different colors you can Purchase them here fire pit table glass!

Q. Is there a cover included with my table?

A. Your table comes with a stainless steel cover for the fire pit itself. Keeping the fire pit burner covered keeps it clean and helps maintain the life of the burner.

Q. Do you sell fire pit table covers for the entire fire pit table?

A. Yes we offer covers made from Sea Spray material which is also used for boat covers so it is very durable and weather proof.

Q. Is there a natural gas connection for the tables?

A. Yes, you can select natural gas or propane when you order.

Q. I can source a granite top locally. Can I order the fire pit table without a top?

A. Yes - This is a great way to get a one-off stone top that you personally select, but you need to make sure the fabricator knows it is for outdoor use and have the correct dimensions of the table top to insure your top will fit the burner pan and table base.

Q. Is there an igniter in the table?

A. No, a spark igniter does not come on our tables because they are not reliable. You must light the table with a hand-held BBQ lighter.  If you would like us to install a full electronic ignition system for use with a Creston or wall switch, one can be added for $1,200. 

Q. Does the table rust or oxidize? Will I see rust stains on my concrete?

A. Our fire pit tables do not leave rust stains on the patio due to the fact they are made from either Aluminum or Stainless Steel. Neither material rusts.

Q. Where does the propane tank hide?

A. The propane tank on most fire pit tables hides inside or underneath the table itself through an access door.

Q. Is it possible to replace or convert the fuel hookup for my fire pit table?

A. Yes. Natural Gas and Propane conversion kits are available if you want to change fuels at a later date.

Q. Is the flame adjustable?

A. Yes, the flame strength/height is adjustable using the control knob located on the base of the table.

Q. I live in a windy area. Do you have wind screens for fire pit tables?

A. Yes. If you live in a windy area, we highly encourage you to purchase a glass wind screen. 

Q. Where so you ship fire pit tables?

A. We will ship anywhere in the world. Some areas of the world may require that you receive your shipment at an airport or transport facility as they may not deliver directly to your home.

Q. How are the fire pit tables packaged?

A. Depending on the top material our aluminum topped tables are packaged in cardboard boxes and ship UPS or Fed Ex, Our Granite tables come crated in a heavy duty wood crate. Crated shipments require freight service which will deliver in a truck equipped with a lift gate and drop off the crate curb side.

Fire pit shipping box    Fire pit table shipping crate

Q. Is assembly required?

A. Yes, you will need to assemble the product when you receive it. Assembly instructions are included.

Q. I live in the Southern California area. Can SoCal Fire Pits set up my table for me?

A. Yes! Depending on the table type, we can deliver and install your table for you:

  1. SoCal Line with Granite table tops - will deliver and install as far north as Santa Barbara, South as San Diego and  East to the Palm Desert Area.

  2. Aluminum table tops - will deliver and install in LA and Orange County areas only.

Q. How much will it cost for me to get SoCal Fire Pits to deliver and install my table?

A. As a customer courtesy, delivery and installation in the areas specified above are FREE.

Q. Can stone fire pit tables break or fracture from the heat?

A. Yes. While stone such as Marble and Granite are strong materials, they are subject to fracture, scorching and breakage if too much heat is applied. This is why we recommend purchasing an additional glass wind screen to protect the table from heat damage caused by the flame.

Q. How do I clean the glass from the  fire pit table?

A. Carefully remove the glass from the burner and put in a colander. Wash glass with soap and water and strain through the colander. Let air dry.

Q. How do I clean the fire pit table?

A. For stainless steel fire pit tables, use a stainless steel cleaner plus a rag. It is best to clean the table once a week to help maintain it's shine. For granite and aluminum, soap and warm water can be used.

Q. Is there a warranty on the products?

A. Yes, Our high quality products carry higher than industry standard warranties:

  1. The Pan and Burner have a lifetime warranty

  2. The table top and sides have a 10 year structural warranty

Q. Will the color of the fire pit table fade?

A. Over time, you may see some fading of the color due to sun exposure and wind elements. To preserve the color, when not in use, cover your firepit table with an opaque cover.