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Balboa Fire Pit Table

One look at his Balboa Contemporary Table in his line and you'll see it. Fascinated by flames from an early age, Cooke excels at bringing fire to his sleek, modern designs. After all, why purchase a Patio Fire Pit and a table, when you can combine them into one?

If you're seeking luxurious patio furniture with an exciting edge, we invite you to take a look at the extraordinary work of David Cooke. From copper planters to the famous Contemporary Table, these special pieces will bring a whole new energy to your outdoor living space. They're simple, yet elegant. Personalize the collection with your choice of fabrics, finishes, and stone tabletops.

A Contemporary Table Born Of Necessity

When mechanical engineer David Cooke went looking for a Contemporary Table for his own outdoor living area, he couldn't find one. Astounded, he set about creating one himself. The result: an exquisite piece of fine furniture that captures the beauty of the earth and the elements in its combination of stone, glass, and fire. This variation on the standard Patio Fire Pit soon gained him notoriety, and Cooke Furniture was born.

David soon expanded his line to include other items. Today, his Contemporary Table and other pieces are in high demand. As the Patio Fire Pit gains popularity, so do these functional yet artistic pieces. Cooke Furniture has built a reputation on innovation and elegance.

Relaxing By The Patio Fire Pit

There's something so relaxing about sharing a glass of wine around a Patio Fire Pit. It makes us feel downright civilized. That's especially true when we're surrounded by the modern lines of David Cooke's outdoor furniture. The Contemporary Table adds both style and function.

For more formal dining, choose the Mammoth Dining Contemporary Table. This dining-height table is a stunning conversation piece. Available in the stone of your choice, it's sure to match any décor. Let your outdoor space come to life with a Patio Fire Pit table. You'll never want to come inside again.

Balboa Fire Pit Table

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