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Firefalls & Firewalls

Fire Falls and Fire Walls are an elegant addition to any outdoor living space. If you are looking to add a calm and relaxing ambiance to your patio, an outdoor fire wall or a gorgeous waterfall fire pit is the ideal piece for your patio. Our outdoor firewalls and fire falls are the ultimate conversation starter and focal piece for your backyard retreat. The unique Fire Falls flame reflects on the cascading water while the mosaic glass shimmers in the dancing flames. There's nothing quite as relaxing as the look of a fireplace with waterfall sounds behind it, and all of our fire falls for sale are available in several different color choices and finish options. Our Fire Walls add a touch of contemporary flair to your backyard patio. Relax on a cool evening in your backyard to a Fire Wall. With a heavy texture available in several finishes, concrete outdoor firewalls are a unique gathering place for family and friends. Available in natural gas and propane our Fire Falls and Fire Walls will add an elegant twist on statuary for your back yard oasis. Fire Falls and Fire Walls have an optional key valve to allow you to control the gas flow to your flame and directly impact the size of the flame. Your Fire Fall and Fire Wall will allow you stay warm on a cool summer evening. Shop our collection of fire falls for sale below!

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