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Gas Fire Pit Table

Many people seeking Gas Fire Pits are surprised by how few they find. While there are plenty of low-end items available in the department stores, there's a dearth of high quality options available. That's what mechanical engineer David Cooke found when he went looking. The experience prompted him to build and market his own line of Fire Pit Tables.

Cooke Furniture has quickly become a leading source for beautiful Fire Pit Tables. With both casual, coffee table height tables and full-sized dining tables featuring Gas Fire Pits, Cooke adds an edge of class and mystery to any backyard.

Outdoor Fire Pit Table

Gas Fire Pits With A Difference

The Fire Pit Tables David Cooke designs reflect his love of the earth. With solid tops made of granite or other stone reflecting the embedded Gas Fire Pits, these items stand out in ways others can't. These striking pieces can be yours only through Cooke Furniture. David Cooke is happy to work with you to customize his signature pieces for your home.

These Fire Pit Tables are fueled by either propane or natural gas, depending on your preference. Gas Fire Pits, of course, offer an advantage over more cumbersome wood-fueled options. Their instant ignition makes these much more convenient than wood-burning models, and the fuel they consume is considerably more compact.

Unique Fire Pit Tables

Fire Pit Tables have grown in popularity in recent years because they bring warmth and light to outdoor areas, while keeping a natural, nighttime feel. Recalling the mystery of a woodsy campfire, Gas Fire Pits allow a quick trip back in time. Whether used for heating, for cooking, or merely for decoration, they create a certain magic.

An outdoor living area is the meeting place of your home and the great outdoors. Make it glow with the beauty of Gas Fire Pits. David Cooke's exquisite Fire Pit Tables make it easy to integrate nature with your décor. Visit us today for a glimpse of the latest styles.

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