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Hearth Products Controls - Evolution 360 Insert - Copper Fire Bowl with Water Feature

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HPC's Evolution 360 series compliments the beauty of fire with the soothing sound of running water. This self-contained water system is universal, robust, and is cost effective. The Evolution 360 can be installed on practically any patio in a residential or commercial setting - no pond or pool needed! This fully assembled, plug-n-play system comes ready to install - simply level the water pit then connect water, electric, and gas. Finally, enclose with stone, veneer, stucco, etc. to match your patio décor. Operation is even simpler - three switches control the water, LED lights, and fire pit. The Evolution 360 is made of durable, weather resistant, black polyethylene and engineered to last - no on-site guesswork. It is strong enough to allow for the option of Water Rock to be used to line the floor of the basin.

  • Fully assembled, Plug-n-Play water feature, includes hammered copper fire bowl with optional 360 degree water scupper or 4 water scupper design
  • Basin size: 52" diameter Beautiful blue LED lights to illuminate water - hidden under scupper.
  • Auto fill system- automatically adds water when needed; Low level sensor protects pump if water supply issue.
  • Filtration- water is conditioned with a reusable, easy-to-clean filter.
  • Water pump- 4,800 gallons per hour
  • Leveling / Height Setting- four heavy, 3/4" threaded feet give flexibility of height adjustment and leveling. Easily adjusted on site with ~4" of travel.
  • Overflow feature allows water to escape safely.
  • Electrical Connection- 120Vac with a 5-lead, 20’ cable ready to connect. 3 External Switches required. Control Panel incorporates 3 push-to-reset breakers for water, LEDs & fire.
  • Fire Pit Insert: CSA Certified Remote Electronic Ignition 13SS90HWI 90k Btu, 12" burner.
  • Copper Bowl: 360-degree model- handmade with beautiful hammered copper..