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Outdoor Fire Pit Tables

With the use of the finest quality stainless steel, acid washed copper and splendid granite and marble from around the world, Cooke Furniture is able to create exceptionally beautiful and functional outdoor fire pit table designs. Each outdoor fire pit table product designed and manufactured by Cooke Furniture will have lifelong structural integrity in any climate. The product line is always growing and changing as new pieces are designed and every piece is engineered and manufactured in California, USA. Cooke Furniture uses 3D engineering software to design and manufacture precision laser cut metal components for all of their affordable, high-end fire pit tables. This method allows for fast design, flexibility and delivery of custom outdoor fire pit table orders. Cooke Furniture can fabricate the outdoor fire pit table products from such materials as teak, green products or special materials. They use materials like 316 and 304 stainless steel, copper and stone when designing their high-end fire pit tables to increase their ability to endure harsh climates. 

Cooke Furniture was founded by the merest chance and now the quality and style of outdoor fire pit table products is in great demand. In 2006 engineer, designer and entrepreneur, David Cooke, was looking for a high-end fire pit table that he could take pride in for his outdoor living area, but he could find nothing suitable. The mechanical engineer decided to create his own outdoor fire pit table from a combination of the natural beauty of the earth and the granite he loved. With his artistic background David was able to create an outdoor pit fire table that exuded substance and style. Cooke Furniture has a merited reputation for the creation of some of the finest custom designed outdoor furniture pieces. Every custom designed outdoor fire pit table is manufactured by Cooke Furniture to the customer's exact specifications and assembled with meticulous care by the designer.

The Cooke Furniture outdoor fire pit table is guaranteed to last a lifetime and will endure the harshest weather conditions of snow, desert and beachfront. The Cooke Furniture outdoor fire pit table will become the centerpiece of any outdoor living area and will add value to the property should the homeowner later sell and relocate. Custom designed outdoor fire pit table products are what Cooke Furniture specializes in and the company's preferred method of collaboration is the close working with ASID professionals. Using modern engineering software and millions of dollars of CNC hardware, Cooke Furniture is able to produce high-end fire pit tables with precision, style and no size restriction. As well as providing customized outdoor fire pit table products and luxury fire pit table sets, Cooke Furniture also offers a unique outdoor heating solution with the addition of forced air heaters to any table or installation. Warm air is delivered through adjustable vents just below the tabletop, which provides the ability to direct warm air on the lower part of the body and warm the stone table top. David Cooke of Cook Furniture is available to assist customers with their outdoor fire pit table designs.