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Purchasing the Best Fire Pit Table By Shopping Online

Fire pit tables provide a wonderful experience when enjoying the outdoors, especially under patios or other outdoor living spaces. Fire Pit Tables are a great source of heat during cold days and cool evenings and will make staying outside much more comfortable.

Wood, Gas, or Propane?

Most people prefer to use natural gas or propane, rather than wood, to fuel fire pit tables because wood does not burn cleanly. A wood fire is both difficult to light or extinguish and can leave unwanted smoke odors in your clothes and porous outdoor furniture. Opting for a propane-fueled or natural gas-fueled fire pit table is a safer and easier way to enjoy the warmth and ambiance of your fire pit table. Check out our article on Fueling Your Fire Pit Table to find out more.

How to Shop Online

Many people prefer the convenience of shopping online. The online world makes it easy to find a wide variety of outdoor fire pit tables. But shopping online means you can’t actually touch the product or see it with your own eyes until it arrives at your door step. How can you be sure the fire pit table you choose is the one for you?

Consider the following:

Have fun with your fire pit table by changing out the glass used to cover the burners! A glacial blue in the summertime can be followed up by amber glass for the fall! Simple adjustments can change the ambiance of any fire pit table.

1) How big is the space where your fire pit table will go? 

The dimensions of a fire pit table are usually displayed in the description of that firepit table. Depending on the tables shape,(round or square/rectangular) you will see Length, width, height, or diameter dimensions. Measure the area where you will place your fire pit table to be sure it will fit.

2) What is your fuel source? 

Most fire pit tables have two available sources: Liquid Propane (LP) or Natural Gas(NG). A liquid propane fire pit table will usually have an area within the table to store the propane canister- thus putting the fuel source out of site. Some fire pit tables even come with a side table built specifically to store a propane tank. Simply purchase or fill up your propane canister at your local hardware store and change it out! Gas fire pit tables require a plumbed line to the location of the fire pit table (this usually requires a permit).Once installed, you have a continuous fuel source for continuous enjoyment.

3) What style or design do you want your fire pit table to be? 

This is where the fun of variety of taste and style come to play! Manufacturers have designed some very creative fire pit tables, both large and small, to fit almost any place and accommodate any persons particular tastes. Make sure you look at all your options (different colors, materials, styles, etc.)

4) What kind of materials should the fire pit table be made from? 

Be sure the fire pit table is built from Fire Proof materials such as Aluminum, Granite, higher-end Stainless Steel or GFRC (Reinforced Concrete). All aluminum or an aluminum fire pit table with a granite top make for safer fire pit tables.

5) How enclosed is the space where the fire pit table will be? 

Are you under a Patio or Pergola? Is there a lot of wind in your area? Take these factors into consideration when purchasing your fire pit table. Make sure your fire pit table has room to “breathe” and that the flames will not get too close to a ceiling or flammable materials.

Once you have a clear idea of these features, you can comfortably make your purchase online. Note that there may be an extra shipping charge or assembly charges, depending on where you are purchasing.

Most sites will also sell supporting products for fire pit tables like lava rock, glass, extra burners, and other accessories.

Staying in the patio or the backyard will be a pleasant experience with just the right heat from a reliable fire pit table. Entertaining guests in the garden can be relaxing, elegant and fun! Barbecue parties will be more memorable with a little extra FIRE!