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The Outdoor Living Room with Outdoor Fire Products

Fire pit tables, fire and water features: these products and more are now available for the outdoor living room. Imagine opening the sliding door into your backyard and seeing your glowing fire feature, exuding warmth and ambiance, comfort and welcome. Sit down with a glass of wine or your favorite iced tea and enjoy the evening. This is what the outdoor living room is all about!

What kind of fire product is the right one for you?

How will you spend your time outdoors? Will you be entertaining guests regularly? Will it be mostly just you or your family using the space? Do you like a more rustic or camping atmosphere? Do you want your outdoor living space to feel more like an indoor room? Are you a formal person or more laid back? Here are some suggestions:

The Fire Pit Table is great for entertaining! Place it as you would a coffee table with comfortable outdoor furniture for seating round the table. Depending on the flame intensity, you can use the fire pit table to server appetizers or beverages and as a general place of assembly for your guests. It’s also a great piece if you just want to hang out in the back yard! Fire pit tables are one of the most popular choices because they are so versatile! Fire pit tables come in all types of styles and designs for the formal or informal customer.

The Fire Feature allows you to add stylish ambiance to any setting. More high-end, this feature is there to set the mood for any elegant dinner party, special occasion or even help divide a larger outdoor living space. Fire features make a bold statement. Use them with confidence. Your guests will be impressed!

Fire and Water Features – When you mix the elements, who knows what can happen! Fire alone is hypnotic – remember sitting by a campfire and just watching the flames? Ever sit by a river, lake or ocean and just watch the water flow? Nature has a way of hypnotizing us with her subtle yet powerful elements. Combine the two… and you’ll be captivated for hours.

For indoors or out, this feature is a conversation piece as well as a center for relaxation. De-stress with the sound of water and the feel of heat from the flame. Your day just got better.

Keep in mind that fuel source (Liquid Propane, Natural Gas or Wood) is important as well as placement of the fire product. For outdoor use, make sure your fire pit table or other fire products have plenty of room and are not near anything flammable. Safety is important and while manufacturers work diligently to make products safe to use, this is a FIRE product and fire presents its own inherent challenges.