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Rasmussen - Alterna Vented FireStones Sets - Multiple Color Options

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FireStones - Calico

With the Rasmussen Alterna Vented FireStones you can achieve a modern look for your vented fire feature. This pleasing alternative to logs comes in your choice of enticing colors and color mixes for a truly custom look. Natural color also available.

NOTE: Stones only. Burner not included.

Set Size Details

  • 18 Inch Set Size includes 6 large stones, 6 medium stones and 7 small stones
  • 24 Inch Set Size includes 6 large stones, 12 medium stones and 14 small stones
  • 30 Inch Set Size includes 12 large stones, 12 medium stones and 21 small stones
  • 36 Inch Set Size includes 6 large stones and 30 extra large stones

About Ceramic Stain Coloration Rasmussen uses their own proprietary, environmentally-friendly ceramic stain coloration, which differs from paint in the following qualities:

1) Ceramic Stain produces a transparent, non-uniform appearance, as it absorbs into the material's pores, rather than merely covering the surface of the shape, like paint.

2) Unlike paint, ceramic stain will not burn away under fire. Ceramic stain will age gracefully.

3) Color appearance may vary from piece to piece, enhancing the uniqueness of our products.