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Custom 1/2" Clampless Tempered Glass Wind Screen For Any Firepit

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COOKE 1/2" Tempered Glass Windscreen

These unique windscreens by COOKE feature a clean unobstructed view of your fire.  The panels of this windscreen are bonded together to form a clear tempered glass box around your fire. There are no metal corner clamps that can loosen or get lost over time. We build the glass panels from extra thick 1/2" thick glass for added durability and a premium look. With no corner clamps, these custom tempered glass windscreens will withstand the rigors of daily use. These will fit your custom fire pit and are easy to clean. COOKE clampless windscreens are a great upgrade or addition to your custom fire pit where you need the best.

  • Windscreen bonded together, no corner clamps
  • For accurate fit, our dimensions are the inside dimensions of the windscreen
  • Provides a clear view of the fire
  • Easy to clean, great for commercial and hospitality applications
  • Build to any burner size in 1-3 weeks
  • Constructed from premium 1/2" tempered glass 
  • Adds secure wind barrier between table and fire pit flame 
  • Improves quality of fire in windy situations 
  • Made in California

How to Size Your Windscreen

  • Size your windscreen 2" larger than the fire pit opening if the ledge surrounding the fire pit is rough or uneven
  • Size your windscreen 1" larger than the fire pit opening if the ledge surrounding the fire pit is smooth and level
  • Make your windscreen a little bit larger if you want it to rest on more table top space
  • Taller windscreens block the wind better and provide more rigidity to long panels
  • Please call (888)303-2453 for assistance